Peer review in 2015: a global view

White paper by Taylor & Francis, one of the largest research studies into peer review in recent years.

Exploring researchers’ views on the system still very much at the heart of scholarly communication, Peer review in 2015: a global view, gathers opinions from those who author research articles, those who review them, and the journal editors who oversee the process.

It offers a truly 360° perspective on the system which is commonly agreed to be an essential part of research publication, and which every researcher has, or will have, experience of.

Addressing peer review’s central questions

What do today’s researchers think is the purpose of peer review, and how is reality matching up to expectation? How prevalent are ethical issues in peer review? What’s the view on how long it takes to receive a report, or to review a paper?

Is making the data behind the research available for review realistic, and how at ease are researchers with reviewing it? How comfortable (or not) are you with different peer review models? We asked the global research community all this and more.

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7,438 survey respondents globally

VIEWS from journal authors, reviewers and editors

SIX focus groups held in the UK, China and South Africa

INSIGHTS spanning the sciences, social sciences, humanities and medicine

Read the white paper, delve into the key survey data, and the references and acknowledgements (which offer a springboard to explore all aspects of the conversation around this key issue).