Call for reviewers: all fields

If peer reviewers were always available editors and authors could save a lot of time. is a new independent database of reviewers attempting to improve the publishing process and put more time back into science and research. Below is a list of the benefits we offer you:

Reviewer Benefits 

  • Focused on your field of interest: As a registered reviewer, you will be closely matched to manuscripts in your field of interest using the keywords  terms you entered in the registration process. However, the final decision about reviewing a paper is always left up to you. 
  • Recognition: Your review experience will get the professional recognition it deserves. We also issue a certificate of to all reviewers. 
  • Reward: At, we reward reviewers sharing with them the revenue we get from authors or journals (currently reviewers receive $50 per review).  

Reviewer requirements

  • Must have an earned terminal degree in a specified area of research (PhD, MD or MD-PhD, DVM, DDS, DMD, or other doctoral level degree).
  • Must have published as a first author or corresponding author in peer reviewed academic journals and have published within the past four years.
  • Prior experience as a journal peer reviewer is necessary and being a member in the editorial board of scientific journals is a plus.

How to apply

  • To be considered, simply click on the "Join us" button and complete the application form.

  • You will be contacted with instructions about the next steps whenever we have a new manuscript matching your field of interest. 


As a member of, you will be a part of this revolutionary new solution, and will be helping your fellow researchers to have their manuscripts reviewed faster. We are partnering with major publishers to expand our services.